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Get to Know the Loom Team: Thom Popejoy

Get to Know the Loom Team: Thom Popejoy

Here at Loom, we’re able to do the amazing work we do because of the amazing people we work with. We’re really proud of the culture we’ve cultivated at Loom – something that we owe entirely to the wonderful people who work here.

So, we want you to get to know our people a bit better. Every month we’ll introduce a member of our team so you can get to know the people behind the digital marketing campaigns we run.

This month we’d like to introduce one of the many variations of Thomas’ we have working here. (25% of Loom is called Thomas!)

Meet our Account Manager, Thom Popejoy.

Thom, what do you do at Loom?

I’m an account manager. My role covers several areas so my time is spent right across the breadth of agency services we offer our clients. Essentially, I am the point of contact between Loom and our clients, managing and nurturing that relationship, communicating key pieces of information and strategy and reporting on work we have carried out for them. I am also part of our internal SEO & content team so I optimise websites and research, write and optimise pieces of content for our clients.

And what does the average day look like?

My average day starts off with a big cup of coffee and my daily account analytics and social media checks. After that it really depends on what I’m working on at the time. I could be researching a piece of content, carrying out a technical health audit on a client’s website, talking to a website developer, meeting a client, getting involved with an internal strategy meeting with other team members, reporting on KPI’s for a specific sales campaign or even writing social media posts. The days fly by.

Which part of your role do you find most enjoyable?

Tough question. I actually really enjoy several things about this job. I really like to research and write content pieces that I know audiences will find useful and interesting. It appeals to my inquisitive approach to life. It’s definitely a buzz when you see a content piece you have written rank highly in the Google search engine results pages.

However, I think the best thing about being an account manager is the opportunity to help businesses to realise and achieve their business goals. I have the chance to build relationships with business owners and marketing managers and help their businesses grow through the work we do. I am definitely a people person so that person to person contact is something I really love.

How has the industry changed since you joined Loom and what do you do to keep up to date?

I think the biggest thing that has changed over the last year in digital marketing is Google’s switch to a mobile first approach when crawling and indexing websites. This has definitely affected a lot of our clients but we’ve been able to help them navigate through some of the challenges they faced when Google made the switch.

In terms of big macro changes, there are far too many to mention but the emergence of video as a dominant content form is another really interesting aspect of how digital marketing is changing. SEO for video and home assistance devices is really interesting too.

I keep up to date with what’s happening by reading lots of blogs and watching videos by industry experts. I’m also extremely fortunate to be part of a team that is very hungry to learn new things. Loom has some extraordinary team members who possess an awful lot of really in-depth and technical knowledge. We’re always sharing new things with each other.

What value do you think Loom adds to its clients?

So much – we’re a multi-disciplined, diligent and positive team of people that care about our clients and their success. We’re highly skilled, knowledgeable and we add so much expertise – specifically around the technical SEO and biddable media areas. We also offer real-world, intent informed content strategies and implementations.

And lastly, what do you do when you’re not in Loom mode?

Loads! I have several hobbies. They mostly revolve around collecting and enjoying vintage things like books, cameras, typewriters, radios and, most recently, vinyl. We’re a pretty active bunch and, while some of the others are into their marathons and triathlons I’m more into walking in the countryside or by the coast with my little dog, Milly. I also share a few hobbies with colleagues in the office. Going to gigs and playing table tennis are just some of the things we do together.

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