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What Loom being a Google Premier Partner means for you

To become a Google Premier Partner, Google recognises that we go above and beyond to generate the best possible results for our clients, stay up to date with industry qualifications and deliver solid overall ad revenue and growth on the accounts we manage.

For you, this means that only qualified, experienced individuals work on your account, ensuring you get the highest quality service and best possible ROAS (return on ad spend) for your business. 

As business partners of Google, we also get direct access to industry research, meaning we’re always first to implement new features and opportunities – and we always have the training to do it well. 

Lastly, as Google Premier Partners, you can rest assured that our PPC techniques are ethical and that we follow best practice methods. This means your campaigns are safely run, minimising risk to your business. 


Our Google Ad accreditations

Along with our Partner status, our PPC and Biddable media team is accredited in a variety of different campaign types, including:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Shopping
  • Video

These accreditations mean we have the specific knowledge needed for various types of campaigns. So no matter what type of Google Ads campaign you need us to manage, our expert team has the knowledge and experience.

Improve your Google Ads performance

Find out how our PPC & Biddable Media experts can help you with your Google Ads campaign.

Improve your Google Ads performance

Success stories

  • Clik website on mobile

    Increasing demo downloads for Clik

    Google Ads drives a 149% increase in demo downloads

    • PPC and Biddable Media service icon PPC & Biddable Send direct qualified traffic to your website.
    • Video and Display Display & Video Catch your audience's attention
    • paid search Paid Search Powerful paid search campaigns.
    • Remarketing Remarketing Remarketing
    Services used
  • permagard website on screen


    Achieving new growth in a saturated eCommerce market

    • PPC and Biddable Media service icon PPC & Biddable Send direct qualified traffic to your website.
    • SEO service icon SEO Grow your website’s traffic with SEO.
    Services used